Computer Repair and Cleanup

1288116060_Fix.pngIs your personal computer running slow, constantly restarting, or won’t turn on at all?  Is it making noises that you never heard before?  For $50, I’ll come to your home and provide you with an estimate of repair. As part of the estimate, I will clean the interior of your PC and make sure all cooling devices are working properly and free of obstructions. Also included in the $50 is the first hour of labor.  Any additional time is just $15 per half-hour.

Secure existing home/wireless network

access_point.pngDon't let intruders tap into your wireless network to use your internet connection or steal your personal information. I'll set up a secure wireless environment on your existing wireless network.

Install home/wireless network

signal.pngI'll provide and install the necessary hardware to share your existing high speed internet connection to multiple computers and /or wireless ready devices.

Upgrade your current computer's hardware

hardware.pngNeed more space for your music or videos? Want to be able to record onto CD's or DVD's? You may not need a new computer. It may be possible to just add more storage space or a disk writer to your existing computer.

Virus removal

virus.pngI'll perform a quick scan of your computer to identify and remove spy and malware. If a full and detailed scan is needed, I can transport your unit to my workshop, get it back in working order, and deliver back to your home for a nominal fee.

Security Software Installation

decrypted.pngAny computer connected to the internet should have current, active and up-to-date anti-virus software. I'll help you find and install the right one.

Custom Build Computers

1288116263_control-center2.pngI can build a computer to your specifications with the latest software, with delivery and set-up at your home, for a competitive price. If you're not sure what your specifications are, we can figure it out together.